Fun in New West Parks during the Winter

Scenic views of the Fraser River and an array of parks makes New West the go-to destination during winter.

When all of the the parks get cloaked in snow and New West becomes a paradise in your backyard. Here are our favourite parks to visit during the winter time – don’t forget a camera and some gloves!

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1. Tipperary Park

Tipperary Park is known for its monuments, ponds and friendship park. The pathways, trees and mini waterfalls will provide you with a calming and relaxing experience. There is also a walking tour for history buffs and picnic tables so you can enjoy your hot cocoa amongst the trees!


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2. Glenbrook Ravine

Glenbrook Ravine offers a winding, gorgeous nature trail for all of you park enthusiasts. This park offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides bridges, trees and plants that are native to New West.


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3.Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park is a beacon of entertainment during the winter. There is an off-leash dog area, so you can grab some great pictures of your puppy frolicking in the snow, the perfect hill to toboggan down, and very scenic views from the walking trails that will wow you.

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4. Westminster Pier Park

Do you want to spend some time checking out the winter river views? Westminster Pier Park’s boardwalk has the best views of the river and the city in the snow. When you finish up at the park, you can go warm up with some hot chocolate or coffees from Tre Galli in the River Market!

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