Dining in New Westminster

It’s a foodie eat food world, and all around New Westminster grills sputter, pizzas sizzle and gelato thaws.

From casual to fine dining, New Westminster offers a generous serving of Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and German restaurants. This is a city rich with culture and saturated with ambitious, adventurous cooks serving plates carefully crafted to amaze every guest. Name a flavour, and rest assured that New Westminster has a dining establishment to perfectly fit any occasion and match your personal flair!

International Dining

New Westminster craves flavour. Dine on your favourite ethnic foods — kung pao or sushi, souvlaki or donairs, spaghetti carbonara or schnitzel. These restaurants reflect the diversity found in New Westminster and will take you on a journey around the world with every bite. Try something new today!  View International Dining directory.

Casual Dining

Here in New Westminster we are all about the food, and if you’re looking for a restaurant that will serve up a satisfying meal then look no further! We have a restaurant that meets your needs any day of the week, breakfast, lunch or dinner! Family restaurants, cozy and intimate mom-and-pop diners, semi-fine and fine dining; you can find all of these in the Royal City. Get the family out for seafood, steak, burgers or pasta — and save room for dessert! View Casual Dining directory.

Pubs and Sports Bars

Down a couple cold ones and share eats and laughs while watching the game with friends. Great atmosphere and service make New Westminster pubs and sports bars the place to view local and international sporting events or even just kick back after a long work day. View Pubs and Sports Bars directory.