Feast on the Fraser


Tourism New Westminster is proud to present the second annual Feast on the Fraser in collaboration with The Fraser Valley Group.

What is Feast on the Fraser?

New Westminster has established itself as a food destination in the Lower Mainland where one can venture and explore the city’s very own food scene like no other. Feast on the Fraser is a culinary event showcasing a signature experience each day during a 10-day period through the collaboration of local food and beverage establishments with other local tourism sectors; such as arts, entertainment, retail, and many others.

All local food featured during these signature events and on various menus for the 10-days are provided by local farmers from the Fraser Valley along the Fraser River. We have partnered with the Fraser Valley Group to establish these connections to local farmers and to showcase the bounty we receive from living along the mighty Fraser River.

Be prepared to not only enjoy mouth-watering food but also having a great time engaging in an activity you didn’t expect in New West. This is a limited time signature event pairing, so call up your friends and family for a one of a kind culinary experience made in New West.


Upcoming Event Pairings

Don’t forget to mark your calendars on these days and stay tuned and sign up for our Feast on the Fraser e-newsletter below to stay connected!